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Go Electric

Your Go-To partner for electric car charging points

The ever-growing benefits of electric vehicles have seen sales increase significantly in every quarter since 2014. Quieter, greener, fun to drive and offering huge potential savings in running costs, it’s no surprise that the choice of stunning new vehicles is expanding all the time, and so is the electric car charging network.

But for most people, electric car charging is still something of a mystery, and clear information is hard to extract from the sales hype.

At Go Electric, we prefer to talk straight. Experts in electric vehicle charging points, we help businesses and domestic customers decide whether these technologies are right for them and if so, what equipment to choose.

Honest and straightforward in all that we do, we’ll never recommend or sell an electric vehicle charging point if it doesn’t match your needs. Whether your install is for home or business use, it’s essential to make the right decision for you – and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Compatible with all plug-in vehicles


Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • Running Costs – you can save up to 70% with a typical mileage rate at just 3-4p.
  • Fully electric cars pay no road tax – even more savings for you.
  • Go Green – Electric vehicles are zero emission, meaning you are doing your bit for the environment.
  • Practical – With available off street parking, electric car charging is perfect for those wishing to charge their cars at work, or at home for a lower cost overnight charge ready for you in the morning

Go Electric can help you take advantage of all of these benefits with a domestic install that will be completed within a day. OLEV grants mean you can get this subsidised rate, and we’ll complete the funding application for you.

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