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With new Electric Vehicle Legislation it’s imperative that chargepoint installers, manufacturers and EV users alike, stay informed of changes
It’s always best to leave it to the professionals to avoid complex safety and regulatory concerns that come with installing an electric vehicle charger
The Government is set to alter its delivery of EV charging grants at the start of next month. Here's the information you need to be aware of.
Time is running out for homeowners to claim £350 of their Electric Car Charger Install as the EVHS grant ends on 31 March.
The Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme will cease to exist in its current format from the end of March 2022. Find out what this means
Commercial EV charger installation is now available with very lucrative grants for B7Bs and Campsites. Find out more.
Installing electric vehicle home charging points brings huge benefits to individuals at home and businesses alike. Find out more in our latest post.
Hotels with electric car charging points are venues that are keeping up with technology and will soon be the norm. Here are some benefits to the hotelier and the guest.
The Workplace Charging Scheme is one of the Government’s programmes to promote the use of electric vehicles via the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. Find out more.
Questions have arisen regarding OLEV grant eligibility for EV charging point installation. Good can still claim. Find out more.
When it comes to charging electric vehicles, it's actually a lot easier than most people think. Most important is a change of mindset. Find out more.
In years of installing electric vehicle charging points all the so-called Electric Car Disadvantages. Here we debunk them. Take a look.
How much does it cost to charge an electric car? Find out our guidance on the question we get asked more than any other.
Choosing your EV Charging Point can be tricky. We created this post to help you when it comes to selecting the right equipment for your home.
Company car tax benefits, how you can make your business more efficient and how you can be saving money.
You know you're ready for an EV Charger installation, but what does it look like? And who should carry that out? We've provided all the info you need here.
There is so much information out there when it comes to home charging with your electric car. We've provided a short guide to cover the basics. Take a look.
Choosing an OLEV approved installer is important to make sure your electric car charging point is installed safely. Find out more and how Go Electric can help you.
This means your business could claim a grant of £7,000 towards install of charging points. You do not even need to have electric vehicles at this point. Find out more.
There is no escaping the fact that the earth has benefitted from less pollution recently. Going electric can help continue this after the Covid-19 Pandemic. Find out more.
The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has announced that the grant for installing electric car charging points at home or at work has been extended. FInd out more.
Find out about the vehicle charging network in the UK, where to find charging points on your regular routes, and the cost and equipment needed.
There are many benefits to workplace EV charging for businesses across South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. This is how staff & customers benefit
For those new to electric vehicles, we’ve created a whistle-stop tour of the need to know info to spark your interest and get going. Find out more.
Go Electric is proud to be the official electric car charging point installer for City Taxis in Sheffield. Find out more about the latest exciting venture.
Choosing a family firm of EV Charger Installers over a large corporate has benefits including people, skills & values. In this post, we highlight more.
Installing an electric car charger has real benefits to business owners and to residential users. Find out how our installs make the process easy for you.
Workplace charging has many financial benefits to the bottom line for businesses across the region. Find out more about these and help your business save.
With electric car charging at home still a new technology, many people don't understand the environmental benefits. Find these out & more in our latest blog.
Electric Vehicle Charging continues to grow across the UK yet is still somewhat of a mystery. We created a short guide on the equipment required.
When researching Electric Vehicles you are sure to hear the phrase OLEV grant, but what is it and how can you benefit from it? Find out in our latest post.
In this post, we provide information on the benefits of electric vehicle charging to businesses, particularly those in the Peak District region. Find out how you could benefit.