Charging Electric Vehicles

When it comes to charging electric vehicles (EVs), it’s actually a lot easier than most people think. However, it is different from the refuelling process we have been used to our whole lives and so people are naturally cautious. There is no need to be though, we’ll talk about mindset a little further on in this post but first of all, we’ll cover a few of the common questions we’re asked day-to-day in order to demonstrate the ease of keeping your electric car running.

Can you charge an electric car from a normal plug?

Yes, you can charge your electric car from a normal household plug. While we always advocate the use of a dedicated charging point, you can simply plug your car into your regular wall socket and, with an adaptor (usually provided by the manufacturer), your car will charge. Problems arise here with the efficiency of the charge and the time it takes, but it will charge. We’ve covered this in more detail in our post on charging your electric vehicle at home.

What is required for charging electric vehicles?

The equipment you need for EV Charging can depend on the type of car you are charging – however, in short, there are three core items:

  • Dedicated charging point
  • Dedicated fuse board
  • Your mobile phone and an app

The charging point will be installed at a sensible location to suit your own property – this might be in a garage or on the outside of your home or place fo work to suit the location that you park your vehicle. What is key here though is that you have dedicated off-street parking. A dedicated fuse board can be a safer way to run the power to your charging point – this does change depending on the current set up of your electrics and you will be advised before an installation takes place.

Electric car charging

Your mobile phone and a dedicated app is the final piece in the puzzle – this gives you control over your charging – you can set your vehicle to charge on a timer to suit your own electricity plan, you can charge up to a required level of charging and stop when it suits you, you can find out how much energy your charge has used, there are many configurations. Your charger is smart and will stop without you doing a thing when your vehicle is charged – you won’t use any power unnecessarily. The most impressive thing about charging this way with your phone in hand – is you can do this from the comfort of your own sofa. Get the kettle on.

Should I charge my EV to 100%?

Not always – this depends on your need. If you’re planning a longer trip then yes, charge your vehicle in full. However, day to day, smaller charges or ample in keeping your vehicle running. The reason for highlighting this is the time in charging. The first 20-80% of the charge will take place much quicker than the final 20%. Most people worry about the time in which it takes to charge your vehicle. Know this helps to put those worries at bay.

This brings us to our final point…


A Change of Mindset

A new way of thinking is the most important thing right now to get on board with the EV Revolution that is here – it’s probably the most difficult too. It requires you to change your mindset on how “refuelling” your vehicle works.

When you’re thinking about charging your vehicle, don’t consider how long it will take or limiting where you will do this. The vehicle charging network doesn’t work on charging times from 0 to 100% or always charging in the same place.

Previously you will have been used to a petrol or diesel engine. Your fuel runs out or is getting low and you will have been to a garage to fill up.

Charging electric vehicles is different. You don’t wait until the charge is almost out to “top up”. You charge more often and in smaller amounts.

When you’re visiting the supermarket for half an hour or at the office all morning – this is the perfect opportunity to charge your vehicle. The amount of charge you need will vary. Where you charge will vary. But your car will constantly be charged.

Smarter charging takes place without you even thinking about it and while you’re busy doing other things.

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