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Why is it so important to choose an OLEV approved installer? Over the past few years, there has been a huge upsurge in the number of electric vehicle charging point installers due to the phenomenal rise of the electric vehicle and the infrastructure that is required to support this.

This is great news as the benefits to having a charging point installed and to electric vehicles as a whole is incredible, both environmentally and financially.

What is OLEV?

First of all, what is OLEV? The Office for Low Emission Vehicles was set up by the UK Government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles. The grants and funding they supply are to ensure that the UK is positioned well with these new technologies and the infrastructure to help citizens and businesses alike benefit.

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Why It’s important to choose an OLEV Approved Installer

The answer is quite simple. Safety, knowledge and experience, all of which work hand in hand. To gain OLEV approved status, you need to pass three individual verifications:

Be a qualified Electrician

There are many different ways to do this and different types and levels of qualifications. What is important though is that an installer is certified.

Charging point manufacturers certificate

While each of these can vary depending on the manufacturer, how they are delivered and on the type of equipment involved, installers must hold a qualification to demonstrate they understand its correct use.

Government fit and proper person test

The third stage all registered OLEV installers must pass is the Government’s fit and proper person test. In this, the person taking the test must prove they are responsible and accountable for their actions.

Understanding the benefits

So, being fit for purpose, having the knowledge of the required equipment being installed and most importantly, core electrical qualifications is key to gaining the approval status.

Understanding the importance of this and ensuring you choose the right company to install your electric vehicle charging points at home or at work is vital to make sure you have the right device that is correct for your circumstance. Getting it wrong can be both costly, and dangerous. Find out which installers are approved via OLEV.

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At Go Electric we are proud of each and every one of our installs for business and domestic customers alike. Our team of engineers are all OLEV approved installers and will be happy to help on installations, whether standard or in need of a unique solution,

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