Choosing Your EV Charging Point

When it comes to an EV charging point, there are many options available for you. Take a look down your own street and the likelihood is you’ll see a number of varieties and brands, from wall socket plugins to dedicated chargers.

The following piece has been created to help you when it comes to selecting the right equipment for your home.

Level of EV charging point

The first and most important choice you have when it comes to choosing your EV charging point is the level you need.

We’ve covered this in more detail previously, but in short, there are two main types of charging points used at home:

  • Level 1 – A simple wall socket charging point. Pros include the ease of set up. Cons being the inconsistency, inefficiency and safety. Not only that, you’ll be charging all night to get a full battery.
  • Level 2 – The most common form of charging for households across the UK. Safe, reliable and charge your vehicle in a few hours.

Where will your charging point be located?

If you plan on charging your vehicle in your garage or a sheltered area with easy access to a power supply, you shouldn’t have too many worries about the limitation of charging equipment. However, should your vehicle charging point be in a hard to reach area, you may not have as many options.

Things to consider when you’re planning an installation:

  • Is the space a dedicated parking space for your vehicle?
  • Where will the power be sourced?
  • What weather protection is required?
Mercedes Charging


As with most things in life, your charging equipment won’t last a lifetime – however certain products are more robust than others.

It’s important to know the guarantee on your product and warranties that cover it as well as the support that is offered should anything go wrong and how equipment can be fixed.

Being independent of the manufacturer’s Go Electric is selective on the products we use. Rest assured we will only install excellent equipment that comes with the guarantees you should expect.

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How Much Could I save

As technology develops and more and more of the major car manufacturers offer ev models, the price of electric vehicles and ongoing costs continue to fall. This is the same with charging points. However, going cheap will not necessarily save you money.

You can, however, save money on the by using Government grants – The Office for Low Emission Vehicles has funding available to help you have a charging point installed at home. As an OLEV registered installer, Go Electric will help you claim this back.

What else can it do?

With different apps and equipment when you purchase your vehicle, you’ll have many different experiences. Most apps will keep you up to date with the cost of your charging, can tell you when it is complete and will turn off the power to the vehicle upon completion.

Make sure you’re aware of what additional features are heading your way, and realistically, how many you need. Don’t be swayed by fancy additions you’ll never use, focus on what you need.

Need advice?

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when you’re choosing your EV charging point. With such a list of information, make sure you get expert advice.

That’s where Go Electric comes in. We’re a small family team, here to support people across Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire with electric vehicle charging. Being independent, we’re not tied to a specific make or model of charger, we only advise what is right for each individual job.

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