Electric Car Charging at Home. Can I make a difference?

With electric car charging at home and at work still being a relatively new technology, there are many people that don’t truly understand its key benefits. These include financial motives from the savings you can make and how charging points are adding value to customers for businesses. However, one advantage that comes up in many arguments for going electric is the environmental benefits of making the switch.

In this post, we’re going to look at these benefits of electric vehicles and charging power instead of diesel or petrol.

These include reducing emissions, using renewable energy and the use of eco-friendly materials that electric vehicles have. These environmental differences can also have a knock-on effect on positive health benefits for people too. Read on to find out more.

Say Goodbye to Exhaust Emissions from Electric Vehicles

If you drive an electric vehicle, you are making a huge difference to your carbon footprint on the world as your vehicle will produce zero emissions. This is helping to combat air pollution that is caused by vehicles clogging up the roads and air each day. Electric vehicles are here to stay and it is the government’s vision to eradicate petrol and diesel cars by 2040 though this year there have been serious calls from MPs to bring this forward to 2030. To make this happen, logistics are growing fast now and you can make a difference by getting on board now before being left behind.

Charge with Renewable Energy

You can make an even bigger difference to the environment if the electric car charging at home or at your place of work is getting its energy from a renewable source such as solar PV. When you are charging, the power you use will be taken at the most efficient time of day to save you money anyway, but charge from solar or other methods of renewable energy and you will see twice the benefit environmentally, not to mention financially.

Electric car charging point at home

Electric vehicles using eco-friendly material

Using recycled materials in vehicles is not exactly new, but electric vehicle makers are really pushing the boundaries for the materials they use. As Fleetcarma report, there are a number of electric vehicle makers who are leading the way. Nissan – The popular Nissan Leaf is made in part by recycled drinks bottles, recycled fabrics and parts from old electric appliances. BMW’s own i3 is environmentally considered as olive leaves are used in seats as well as renewable natural fibres.

Health Benefits of Electric Vehicles

As well as the environmental impact of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging, there are knock-on effects that benefit our health. Less harmful emissions caused by petrol and diesel vehicles, particularly in busy cities, will lead to a better quality of air. Better air quality is better for our health.

Financial environmental benefits

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) wants to encourage electric vehicle use because it is better for our environment, therefore you will gain financial benefits with no annual tax to pay on your vehicle. They will also currently pay huge subsidies (via the OLEV grant) for the installation of electric vehicle charging points at your home or business property.

There’s also the financial benefits of runnings costs being around 25% of that of a regular engine vehicle and the likelihood is you will see fewer costs with servicing and maintenance as there are fewer moving parts to go wrong on an electric vehicle.

All in all, the benefits really stand up.

Electric Car Charging at Home and Work is No Longer the Future

It’s true, electric car charging at home and work might have been considered as the future not too long ago. However, that future is now and it is here to stay, bringing with it many positives to our lives and our world.

You can make a difference to the environment by charging up and going electric with your vehicle. Protect the future, and when you do, be sure to understand the benefits of a dedicated charger to really boost your power and benefits of the vehicle.

Government grants are still available, meaning you will only pay a fraction of the cost of the

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