Electric Car Charging Installers for Nottingham

Domestic and commercial customers may not be familiar with Electric Vehicles and the Car Charging point facilities that are now available. As an industry leading electric car charging installer for Nottingham and the surrounding areas, Go Electric want to change this!

The trend in this industry continues to grow and now is the time to take advantage of a number of government grants to get the most out of your switch to electric car charging.

Charging your vehicle at home is simple when you have a specific electric vehicle charging point installed. It means your car can be charged efficiently and cost effectively from a dedicated fuse board. Your car will be charged 3 times faster, meaning you can get a full range ready for you every morning, at a fraction of the cost of fuel for a standard petrol or diesel engine.

Workplace Chargepoint Installation
Electric Car Charging Points by Go Electric

The financial benefits of EV Charging in Nottingham

Electric vehicles run at approximately 5p per mile. Business in Nottingham and beyond can benefit even further by ensuring their staff are always charged and ready to go.

OLEV grants mean you can get a cost covered for a number of installs. We’ll cover the application process for you.

As well as business savings, your EV charging point can help your business grow. Offering a charging point to your customers gives you the edge over your nearest rival who doesn’t.

Electric Vehicles and their associated charging points are here to stay. Make the most of this exciting industry for your business before others do the same.

All you need is off street parking and we’ll provide the right charging point and install for you.

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Who can benefit most from Electric Car Charging Points?

  • Businesses with customers who visit their site for an hour or two.
  • Restaurants and coffee shops.
  • Hotels, B&Bs and Gust Houses.
  • Home owners with off-street parking.

If you’re a business in Nottingham looking for support in going green and setting up you car charging facilities, contact Go Electric and our friendly team will be available to answer your queries. Use the form or call now on 0303 100 4101.