Electric Vehicles: Where to get started

While many may think that electric vehicles are a new technology, the fact is they aren’t. And while their rise is growing incredibly fast year on year, the technology existed over a century ago when over a quarter of all vehicles on the road were electric.

As we approach the eve of a new decade, we know the electric trend is gaining momentum faster every day, and what better time to make a change for good by going electric?

For those new to electric vehicles, we’ve created a whistle-stop tour of the need to know info to spark your interest and get going. If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

About Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are like all electric appliances, they are plugged into the grid and charged. They store power in their batteries that then power an electric motor to move the wheels and accelerate.

While previously, technology hasn’t been widely available to create batteries efficient enough to power these vehicles logistically, modern advances mean they are ever progressing and are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for the future across the globe.

These vehicles are more economical and efficient than regular petrol or diesel vehicles, they are better for the environment…..and they are a joy to drive.

Electric car charging point

Popular Electric Vehicle Models

Just like petrol and diesel cars, the best model is in the eye of the beholder. There are many different pros to different ranges of cars. Though we are the experts in electric vehicle charging point installation, when it comes to vehicles, we suggest taking a look at the Car Magazine guide on electric vehicles for further information on which models will suit your lifestyle.

There are dozens available from the largest car manufacturers as the electric car market booms and 2020 promises to bring even more exciting advances.

Financial Benefits

When looking for an electric car, you’ll soon see the financial benefits. These include being cheaper to power, no road tax and cheaper to service and maintain due to fewer moving parts. If you’re a business, you can also reap financial benefits by offering your stand customers a place to charge.

Inside an electric car

Environmental benefits

It can’t be denied that we have to do more to save our environment. Going electric means you can contribute to this as you will be contributing much fewer carbon emissions, using recycled products and helping yourself and others with knock-on health benefits. Take a look at our recent post on making an environmental change.

How Do I Charge My Electric Vehicle

When charging your vehicle, there are three levels of charger available.

Level One – Plug your vehicle into a standard plug via a special adaptor. This is set as a standard for vehicles but it is costly, inefficient and can cause issues with overloading your electricity.

Level Two – A dedicated electric vehicle charging point. This charges your car in full in a couple of hours and is the most efficient and safe way of charging. At Go Electric, we install these charging points for domestic and commercial purposes across the region.

Level Three – These super-fast chargers can take your charge from zero to almost full in a matter of minutes. Typically these are large units and will of use to dedicated fleet businesses and public charging stations.

Getting the right charging point is important for your home or business. We recommend that the typical charging point for domestic and commercial clients should be level two.

Grants Are Available

All of this is starting to sound expensive right? It doesn’t have to be. Generous government grants are still available from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to encourage people to buy vehicles and to have a dedicated charging point installed. When it comes to that charging point, homes can have a charging point installed from just £250, while businesses can claim back almost £10,000 with installs of up to 20 charging points.

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