EV Charging Installation in the Peak District

Electric Vehicle Charging, or EV Charging for short, isn’t new. The technology has been developing for a number of years now, but now we can say it really is here and it is ready to boom. The industry has seen growth continually over the last three years and more and more we see charging points at our local supermarkets, public car parks and other destinations.

However, a number of regions across the UK are falling behind in keeping up with the trend. Unfortunately, the Peak District is one of them, and before long, the region could lose out financially because of it.

As businesses, individuals and families alike across the UK move over to this incredible technology, they will only want to visit areas that logistically can cope with the need for power to their vehicles, they will begin to choose wisely. If an area doesn’t have the facilities to charge, they will go elsewhere.

EV Charging Can Boost Your Business

Businesses across the Peak District should look at installing an electric vehicle charging point as an investment. A small cost to install could really help a business reap the rewards of being one of the first businesses in the region to install a charging point.

A business in the Peak District making the investment will be one of the first. There are only a handful of businesses in the region that already have a charging point installed.

EV charging marker on pavement

The Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging Points to Business

Having an electric vehicle charging point can be the reason a customer chooses your business over your nearest rival.

Think about the hotel industry. If a customer with an electric vehicle is looking for a week-long break is deciding which accommodation to stay at, which venue do you think they will choose if one has an EV charging point and the other doesn’t?

Added value means going the extra mile and providing the services not only that customers need, but the services they want or maybe even ones that they may not be expecting.

Over a few short years, we’ll start to see electric vehicles becoming the norm and there will be more than a want for them. What may be seen as an extra touch now, will soon be seen as a requirement. Getting ahead of the curve puts your business in the best possible position.

It’s not only your customers that will benefit, your staff will also soon be driving electric vehicles and having a point for them to charge while they work will be seen as an additional employee benefit.

There is also the case of Corporate Social Responsibility. Installation means you will be helping the environment by enabling the use of electric vehicles. More and more, customers expect businesses to do their bit and will value those that are actively making a difference.

Installing a charging point for electric vehicles is an investment in your business. For a small upfront cost (prices start at just £250), you could be seeing a full return on investment in a matter of days. A vehicle charging point will last for at least 10 years. That’s a lot of return for very little investment.

Which businesses can benefit from an EV charging point?

In short, charging points can benefit all businesses. But realistically, the type of businesses that will benefit the most are those where customers will be on site for a short period of time from 30 minutes to an hour or 2 hours plus.

The technology within electric vehicles means the car will receive the first 60% of charge in around 20 minutes and most electric vehicles can be fully charged in a couple of hours with the right charging point.

Electric vehicles can be charged from a regular mains point. However, this is not an efficient use of energy and a full charge can take 8-12 hours which defeats the object of providing a service to your customer.

The next step up in charging points is level two. This is where we see most of our installs. Installing a level two electric vehicle charging point will see your business reap the rewards. Efficient charging in a couple of hours.

Level two charging points are perfect for:

  • Coffee shops – for consumers catching up and businesses looking to host a meeting
  • Pubs and restaurants so visitors can charge their vehicles while they enjoy themselves
  • Bed and Breakfasts and hotels where vehicles can be charged overnight
  • But that’s not all. Think of all the attractions and businesses where people spend an amount of time including meeting spaces, tourist attractions and theme parks

Go Electric can also install level three chargers, these are the optimum in electric vehicle charging and can complete a full charge in a matter of minutes. These tend to be reserved for businesses where an ultra-fast charge is critical to their business such as a fuelling station or a taxi rank.

EV charging car parked

Government Grants Are Still Available

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is the government department responsible for ensuring the UK lowers its emissions. OLEV grants are available from the department for businesses that are installing up to 20 charging points for their customers and their employee’s.

An OLEV grant means you can install an EV charging point from just £250. At Go Electric we’ll take the hassle away from you by handling the application for funding.

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