EV Charging Networks Explained

At Go Electric we get asked questions on charging points for vehicles all the time, so when we recently updated our FAQs to help our customers, we updated some figures and were really enthused by the growth of the EV charging network in the UK.

So enthused, we decided to dedicate a whole post to it! Here you’ll learn more about the vehicle charging network in the UK, where to find charging points, how to find them easily on your regular routes, and the cost and equipment needed.

While we are responsible for fitting home charging points and workplace charging points, the following information will be of use to anyone considering electric vehicles.

Where can I find electric vehicle charging points?

At the end of 2019, it was estimated there were over 15,000 charging points in the UK with over 26,000 charging plugs in total. This has gone up 500% from estimations in 2017 and continues to increase at a rapid rate.

Electric vehicle charging points can be found in many locations, including those you would expect – standard fuel garages and service stations. However, the key to the EV charging network is you’ll find charging points at other locations too such as car parks, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, attractions and more.

The beauty of electric vehicle charging is when you are away from home, you can charge your vehicle while you are out and about your regular activities. When you return, your vehicle will be charged.

Finding a charging point is easy thanks to services such as Zap-Map and Open Charge Map. You can find the nearest point to your route or destination and work it in conveniently.

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The Equipment You Will Need

When you receive your electric vehicle, you will receive an adaptor for the type of charging plug you have. Be sure to keep this with your vehicle at all times and you have all the physical equipment you will need to access the charging network. You can find out more about electric vehicle charging equipment in one of our previous posts.

Charging Networks can vary per region. To access the charging points of a specific network, you’ll need an app for your smartphone. It really is as simple as that. Download the app, plugin and charge.

How long does it take to charge on public EV charging networks?

This depends on the type of charging point. Most will be either type two or type three.

Type two charging points can charge your car in a couple of hours, however, the majority of this charge is done in under one hour. This is ideal for when you are visiting a coffee shop, restaurant or in a public car park.

Type three charging points, or rapid chargers, can charge your vehicle in a matter of minutes. These charging points are not as common and tend to be reserved for those who need it – such as service stations and garages.

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If you run a business and think your customers would benefit from a charging point, there return on investment could be huge. It could be the difference between getting a customer to visit your location or choosing your competitor. As the demand for a public network continues to grow, get ahead of the trend. Generous grants mean you will only pay a fraction of the price of install.

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