EV Charging Points: Who can benefit?

EV Charging Points are becoming a vital addition to homes, businesses and attractions across the UK. The number of electric vehicles in the UK is growing ever more rapidly, with last year passing the mark of 1 in 10 new vehicles sold being electric.

These numbers will continue to grow, thus making the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging points even more vital. With this in mind, in our latest post, we’ve detailed who benefits from the installation of an electric vehicle charging point installation. Read on…

Who Can Benefit

When it comes to the installation of a charging point and growing this network, there are many who can benefit, and it goes further than just the vehicle owner. Homeowners installing a charge point at their property, business owners for their own fleet or in car parks, and attractions and facilities with great locations for footfalls can all reap the rewards.

Domestic EV Charging points

At households with off-street parking, there are clear benefactors for a dedicated charging point. The electric vehicle user who can simply plugin on return or overnight and leave their vehicle to charge in the most efficient way being the main reason. This is saving them money – the cost of charging is just a few pounds with a dedicated point compared to a standard plugin which is much less inefficient – it is saving time, as it charges quicker, and it is simple to use – just a few taps on a smartphone app and the user is in complete control.

Car charging
EV charging point space

Workplace EV Charging Points

When it comes to a commercial install, there are even more people who benefit:


While they visit your premises, offering a charging point is real added value, their car is topped up and ready to go when they leave – a real reason to return.


Staff benefits could include charging a car while they work. A happy workforce is more productive


Your fleet of electric vehicles will save you money over time as they are much cheaper to run, service and there is a lot less to go wrong with them. Plus, as manufacturers are upping their game in terms of electric models, the price will continue to fall.


Much like the business who offers customers a charging point, tourist attractions, hotels & guest houses and car parks in tourist-friendly locations, will keep people wanting to return. If families come from out of town and there is no network of charging points, in the near future this will be viewed as a negative and could put people off visiting or returning.

Future Proof Your Network

Whether it is a commercial or domestic property you have, you can be one step ahead of the electric vehicle wave that is currently taking the nation by storm. Install a charging point and see how you can benefit. Future-proofing now is the right time to do it, while generous government grants mean you will only pay a fraction of the cost of an install.

Go Electric

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