Hotels with electric car charging points: There for the guest

Hotels with electric car charging points are venues that are keeping up with technology and will soon be the norm.

There are no two ways about it, in an ever-evolving world, we have to keep up with the latest technology and trends. EV charging is more than just a trend. It is a transport choice that is being delivered across the UK and is growing exponentially daily.

As with most technologies, hotels across the country and the world are fast becoming adopters of ev charging points, and there’s a simple reason why. They are the perfect location for charging your electric vehicle outside of your home or workplace.

Why Hotels are the perfect location for electric car charging points

  • Time spent on site – As a venue, most visitors will be spending a considerable amount of time at a hotel. A guest may be staying overnight and can leave their vehicle charging while they sleep. If they’re not staying over, another common reason for visiting a hotel is an event – maybe a conference or a meeting. In just a couple of hours, a vehicle is going to be considerably charged and ready to go.
  • Car parking facilities – Many hotels have a good amount of car parking in relation to the number of guests they can accommodate. Off-street car parking spaces are a must for electric car charging points

Two simple reasons, one perfect solution.

Who can benefit from hotels with electric car charging points?

Guests – it may seem obvious but what guests want when they are away from home is convenience. Having a place to charge your vehicle while you take a break – possibly from a long journey – is giving guests one less thing to worry about for their onward journey.

Hoteliers – while the cost of charging electric vehicles is going to be added to business costs, it can easily be retrievable through different methods of payment. While your costs may rise, so does the appeal of your hotel. With a growing percentage of guests owning an electric vehicle, your hotel is going to stand out if it has the facilities your guests want and need.

It’s not just the large hotels who can benefit – bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and holiday lets can all benefit from a charging point to help their guests recharge in more ways than one.

Hotels with electric chargers - A hotel lobby
Electric Car

How do I locate hotels with electric car charging points?

Many online services offer the chance to find venues with vehicle charging points. Zap map offers an accessible guide that tells you where to plan your journey and stay.

Workplace Charging Scheme

While the outlay for charging points may seem a costly investment – funding is available for up to 75% of the cost of installing charging points for businesses.

This is capped at £350 per charger. However, a business can claim for up to 40 chargers, meaning funding of up to £14,000 per business.

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