What Is The OLEV Grant?

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is part of the Government’s Department for Transport. OLEV exists to work across government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles. As an added incentive to get on board with the hugely popular increase in the use of electric vehicles, the government announced the OLEV Grant.

The grants give domestic and commercial customers subsidies towards their electric vehicles worth thousands of pounds. When it comes to charging your vehicle, you can also access £500 towards the cost of each installation of a charging point. Meaning you can have a dedicated charging point installed with Go Electric from just £249.

How can I benefit?

We recently covered a host of benefits to businesses on the installation of electric vehicle charging points, there are also many benefits to installing a dedicated charging point at home:

  • Charging via a dedicated EV charger means that your vehicle will be completely charged three times faster than when connected to a standard domestic plug
  • It is the most efficient way for you to charge your electric vehicle at home. Using a regular plug point means charging for almost three times longer and there is a risk of plugs overheating and the fuse board tripping out. A dedicated charging point stops this from happening.
  • You will see major savings on your electricity bills. Smart technology means your vehicle will only charge when electric is at its cheapest.
  • You can charge your vehicle at the equivalent of approximately 4p per mile. Giving you a full charge for just a few pounds.
OLEV grants for EV Charging Points

Who can benefit from an Olev Grant?

Both commercial and domestic customers can receive the grant that means 75% of the installation cost is covered. Most drivers are eligible for the grant, with just a few simple conditions:


  • The number of installations you can claim is limited to 20 charging points for your customers and staff.
  • You must have electric vehicles already or have them on pre-order.
  • Spaces must be dedicated off-street parking.


  • You can only install one charging point per vehicle at one address.
  • If you don’t already own one, your electric vehicle must be on pre-order.
  • Your property must have dedicated off-street parking.

There are very few limitations to the types of electric vehicles that are eligible for installs. More information can be found on the OLEV website.

How long will the grant be available?

The straight answer is: Nobody knows for sure. The OLEV grant has been around for some time now and the original deadline for applying for a grant was March 2019. In December 2018, the Government announced changes and an extension to the grants but they have yet to announce a deadline to these.

As an OLEV registered installer, we are encouraging customers who are considering the installation of a charging point to act fast and benefit from the huge savings while grants are available.

Olev Grant for EV Charging

How do I apply for a grant?

It couldn’t be easier to apply because we take all the hassle away from you.

We complete the application on your behalf meaning all you do is pay your deposit and leave the rest to us. We’ll manage the applications and claim the additional funds back.

Information on the application can be found via the government website.

Act now to secure your OLEV grant

The case for electric vehicles is no longer just a case; it is fast becoming a major movement. Growth in the industry continues at a vast rate year on year, and domestic customers and businesses alike are getting on board the electric trend fast.

Just this month, the government announced all new homes in the UK will have an electric vehicle charging point fitted as standard. This is incredible news for the industry and demonstrates how serious it is in bringing the technology to the masses.

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