Why it’s best to opt for EV Charging Installers

Electric vehicles (EVs) have now become the indisputable future of road transport; in fact – it’s projected that they’ll be responsible for 58% of car sales worldwide by 2040. As more and more people make the move towards electric transportation; questions surrounding the EV charging installers – and the need for them; are also becoming more prevalent.

When it comes to installing an EV chargepoint in a home or business; some may wonder whether or not they can fit one by themselves – without the need of a professional. Most EVs will come with a charger when purchased; and – while there’s nothing stopping you from installing it yourself, it’s not something that we’d recommend.

As with any electrical work – it’s always best to leave it to the professionals; to avoid the often complex safety and regulatory concerns that come with installing an electric vehicle charger. As such, we’ve created this guide on all the reasons it’s best to opt for an EV charging installer – and not do the work yourself.

It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry

As with any electrical work, the most obvious – and most important reason; for having an expert EV charging installer fit your chargepoint – is to ensure yours and your loved ones’ safety.

EV chargers require the transmission of a high quantity of electricity; in order to charge your vehicle as intended. This means that – should the installation go wrong, and the safety and performance of your charger is compromised; you – and those close to you, could be easily exposed to it. So, to avoid running the risk of fire, electric shocks – or even electrocution; it’s always best to have your chargepoint fitted by a professional.

Furthermore, installing a charger requires expert knowledge; not only of the chargepoint itself – but also your home or business’ electrical system. Now – unless you’re a trained electrician; it’s likely that you don’t know all the in-and-outs of your home or business’ wiring and hidden hidden electrics. As such – it’s always best to get an expert EV charging installer to do the work; rather than plugging your new vehicle in for the first time and finding out that all your wires have melted.

EV Charging Installers Follow the Regulations

Another benefit to opting for a professional EV charging installer; is that it’s also a guarantee that your system complies with the – often complex; regulations surrounding EV chargepoints. While some regulations may seem obvious – such as needing permission if your property is listed or rented; others require more specialised knowledge.

For example, if your chargepoint is larger than 0.2 cubic metres; higher than 1.6 metres off the ground or near a motorway – you’ll need planning permission to install it. On top of this; you’ll also have to meet with national wiring regulations – and ensure your electrical systems are up to the task. While it’s possible to fit an EV chargepoint yourself; you’ll be legally required to have it inspected to ensure it meets regulation. As such, it’s easier to just have it all done in one go with a professional installation service.

After an electrician has finished with an installation; they typically need to have it certified by an official government department. In the UK – this department is the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV); who have a dedicated list of authorised chargepoint installers trained to meet with regulations. Having an approved dealer – such as Go Electric, install your charger; acts as validation that it’s all been done as it should be.

Certifying your Compliance

What’s more – when having a reputable installation company fit your EV chargepoint; they’ll also tend to give you a copy of your charger’s certificate of compliance. This document is legal proof that your charger has been fitted reliably and is safe to use; but it also does more than just that.

In some countries, having this certification is compulsory; and – without a copy of it, you could face a rather hefty fine. On top of this, an official compliance certificate can also help you qualify for insurance pay-outs should any issues arise down-the-line.

For example – if your charger breaks and causes an overcurrent or fire; this document can act as proof when trying to claim damages from your insurer. If you’ve installed it yourself – and not got a certificate of compliance; then there’s no proof that the installation went correctly in the first place – and they may refuse to pay. Aside from this – should an issue arise with your EV’s battery; this document also helps qualify with the manufacturer that there’s an issue with your vehicle and not the charger.

EV Charging Installers are Well-Worth the Money

One of the main reasons people want to install EV chargers themselves – rather than getting a professional to do it; is to save themselves the added cost. Expert knowledge; efficient components and manual labour doesn’t tend to come cheaply; but look at it as a worthwhile investment into your safety – both now and in the future.

If investing in an experienced installer for regulation compliance and safety isn’t enough to sway you however; it could also be argued that getting an expert to fit your chargepoint works out to be more cost-effective in the long-run.

Some EV charging installers offer a home visit as part of their service – just like we do here at Go Electric. This allows us to give you a quote for the chargepoint installation – that’s completely tailored to your property’s specific requirements.

For example – if you’re installing it some distance from where you intend to charge your vehicle; you’re going to need higher-diameter cables to meet regulations – and provide additional protection. If you’d installed your own chargepoint without knowing this beforehand; you might face some additional expenses once a professional has vetted it.

Furthermore – given that you’ll need to pay a qualified electrician to vet your installation should you do it yourself; it makes sense to have the work done professionally from the get-go. It may cost you a little more in the short-term; but investing will give you peace-of-mind that your EV charger is safe to use.

Quality Service – With a Side of Expertise

Another reason you should go with an expert EV charging installer – and a key consideration when selecting one; is the experience and quality of service they provide. While there’s an entire list full of OZEV approved dealers; not all of them offer the same service – so it’s worth doing some research into.

When selecting an EV charging installer; you’ll want one that offers a comprehensive package – as opposed to one that’ll simply install it; before leaving you to figure out how to use it on your own. Since you’re investing in an installer – you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best that you can.

As such, you’ll be wanting to go with an EV charging installer that offers an end-to-end service. A good one will offer professional advice and analysis – prior to the installation; on what charger will work best for your needs – as well as where you should put it. On top of this, they’ll also offer post-installation guidelines on how to go about using the charger and its accompanying software; to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Here at Go Electric, we’re proud to offer expert and impartial advice to our customers – backed up by high-quality service. When you choose us as your installer, we’ll be with you every step of the way – from initial enquiry right through to the installation and beyond. We don’t think the service ends once we’ve fitted your chargepoint; we’ll always be on hand to offer some guidance – as and when you need it.

Trust in Go Electric

As a small family firm, we understand the importance of building relationships with our customers so we can deliver a first-class service. While we have all the accreditations and experience of a large corporation; we’ll always go that extra mile to minimise disruption – and leave our customers completely satisfied.

If you’re wanting some advice on what type of EV charger would work best for you; get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team today and we’ll be happy to help.

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