OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme Grant

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles is a cross-government body endorsed by the motor industry. It exists to encourage and support the rapidly growing market in electric and other ultra-low emission vehicles. The OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme Grant (WCS) is a voucher-based programme that helps eligible business applicants with the costs of buying and installing EV charging points.

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How much is the workplace charging scheme grant worth?

Each application attracts up to £350 per charging point up to a maximum of 20 (10 double-socket or 20 single-socket charging points) across one or more sites. With such generous government grants currently available, you can save up to £7,000 for your business – even more reasons to install today.

workplace charging scheme grant from Go Electric

Is my business eligible for a WCS grant?

As an OLEV-approved installer, Go Electric will willingly handle the eligibility checks and application for you, but in brief, you’re likely to qualify for a WCS grant if:

  • you are a registered business, charity or public sector organisation and located in the UK
  • you have off-street parking space available
  • you can demonstrate a clear business need for one or more EVCs.

How do I apply for a WCS grant?

You don’t need to, leave the work to Go Electric. We want to make the install of your workplace electric vehicle chargers as simple as possible for your business. We’ll apply for the grant on your behalf and remove the amount from your bill.

Find out more about OLEV WCS grants and eligibility via the Government’s Grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure website.

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Need help with your EVHS grant?

Let Go Electric take the hassle out of your application process.

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