Workplace EV Charging: The Customer & Staff Benefits

Workplace EV Charging has so many benefits for a number of different people in businesses, in fact so many, we decided to write a full post on it for businesses following our previous post on who can benefit from electric vehicle charging point installations.

Charging point and car

Customer Advantages

When it comes to helping your customers, there is nothing more valuable than added value. This is you really showcasing that your business goes above and beyond in all that you do. Having an electric vehicle charging point on-site is a way of doing this and for certain businesses, this could be the difference between visiting you and visiting your nearest competitor.

Take the following example, you have a restaurant and your customers will spend an hour on-site. A small team is looking for a meal out, and can’t decide between your restaurant and another. You have a charging point on-site and the organiser knows a team member has an electric vehicle and will be travelling straight after lunch. Which restaurant will they choose?

Given the great service, how many of those team members will return with their friends and family? How many will leave a great review on social profiles? Not only is this good business and return business, but you’re also now getting free marketing and word of mouth publicity. By going the extra mile.

Another huge benefit is your environmental responsibility. Encouraging the use of electric vehicles is doing your bit – a great asset for any brand when you are seen by your customers to help the green movement.

Workplace EV Charging for Your Staff

It’s not just your customers that will reap the rewards of having a charging point installed at your business….so will your staff.

Consider this, for the small cost it is to charge your employee’s car, you’re making a big difference to their mindset. They are going to feel valued, and this will only motivate them to be more productive and add even more value to your customers. Valued customers return, valued staff remain and give you even more.

Think of charging an electric vehicle as a staff benefit and you are on to a real winner.

Motorbike charging

Go Electric at Your Workplace

Go Electric has been installing electric vehicle charging points for 3 years across South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. We have seen the trend start to get a real momentum and it is only going to get bigger. Trust in us to be your electric car charging point installer.

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